The Nannini eyewear comes in different designs; they are portable and can be used for reading, sports and excursion. The glasses are stylish with a frame that is made from high quality durable material. The glasses are easily folded and can be fitted in to a sizeable storage case. The glasses come in a multiple […]

Reading glasses have undergone many design changes since their invention. Reading glasses initially appeared in the west during the 1200s. Made in Italy to help the aged read and perform the day to day tasks much easily, eyeglasses then caught the attention of the ordinary due to their practicality and function. This earlier versions of […]

Selecting the best motorcycle goggles by all motorcyclists out there is always a trial and error process. To a lot of people, these goggles are for fashion, but in the real sense of it, motorcycle goggles serve as a protective barrier between that dust and debris and the eyes of the motorcycle rider. What is […]

Nowadays’ people are using of technology in their everyday lives, creating a growing necessity to store the data which is gathered. Some of the common devices which are used are laptops, video game devices, camcorders, digital cameras and mobile phones. It is very common for many portable electronic devices today to store data using memory […]

A good pair of sport sunglasses should be at the top of your shopping list this summer. If you enjoy outdoor sports, you’ll find that decent shades will filter out highly damaging ultra violet light rays and, in direct sunlight, improve your vision. But deciding on a pair can be daunting – what should you […]

Every showbiz celebrities worth their star status are rarely seen out these days without the obligatory designer sunglasses. Ever since Victoria and David Beckham stepped out in identical specs, haute couture sunglasses have been this summer’s must-have accessory. Experts recommend wearing sunglasses in sunny weather because long-term exposure to UVA and UVB rays can cause […]

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Several media outlets reported during production of the motion picture “The Tourist” that Brad Pitt was seen wearing reading glasses. We took a look and found that he’s sporting a pair of Nannini Compact 1 Readers with gray color frames. It’s no surprise that Hollywood’s A-list celebrities would be wearing Nannini. From their Italian design […]