Technical ingenuity with the craftsman’s touch

Nannini eyeglasses are recognized the world over. Because they are revolutionary, futuristic and innovative. They stand at that unique point where design and research come together to create a truly unique product. Nannini stands for style, technical innovation and Italian appeal.

100% Made in Italy

Nannini glasses are created by hand using the highest quality materials that have been carefully chosen. They are attentively worked on by craftsmen inspired to create the world’s finest eyewear products and dedicated to their devotion for a final product that you are proud to own and wear.

The company continues to honor its roots in the great traditions of master craftsmen: carefully selected materials that are fabricated by historical, semi-manual machines. This means you can proudly wear your Nannini product as a wonderful combination of technolog, craftsmanship and 100% Italian design.

The company continues to maintain an emphasis on research, innovation and the philosophy of its founder Giorgio Nannini. The company’s innovative eyewear has been created to meet the needs of the most demanding and most active wearers. New designs are continually introduced, reflecting the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. All the designs are unified by the distinctive Nannini philosophy of hand made, 100% Made in Italy excellence.

Award Highlights

1995 Japanese Good Design Award, Compact Reader
1995 Netherlands Trade Mart Utrecht, Compact and Solemio
1997 Italian International Award – Belluno – Italy
1998 Italian “Compasso d’oro” multisport Modular model (designer Claudio Ferrario)
2000 Tokyo International Optical Show, Eyewear of the Year, Ready model